About the Owner

Terrell is not someone who stumbled into the custom-clothing business. It is more accurate to say the affinity he has for clothes and dressing well is literally in his blood.
Terrell’s late maternal grandmother -- a self-taught seamstress and alterationist -- had a sense of style he noticed and admired at a relatively young age. His grandmother passed her gift on to his mother and most of his aunts. As he grew up, largely due to the influence of his mother and hip-hop fashion, Terrell became increasingly particular about the clothes he wore. Eventually, he was voted “Best Dressed” as a senior in high school.
Subsequent to earning a degree in Fashion Design, while working toward a second degree, Terrell realized he no longer aspired to design tailored clothing for future clients. The epiphany that he was more passionate about styling clients came when he sold ready-made men’s dress clothing -- for a discount-suit chain and then for a luxury department store chain -- until he earned the second degree.
In order to learn some of the inner workings of the business, Terrell consciously partnered with an established custom-clothing company. After working with the company as an independent clothier for several years, he decided it was time to realize his ultimate goal and introduce his vision…

About Avenue Parkwood

We specialize in quality men’s tailored clothing -- shirts and suits to tuxedos and outercoats. Our tailored clothing is constructed by skilled CMT garment makers, and clients are offered some of the finest fabrics from which to choose.
We go beyond simply selling clothing. We take pride in the fact that, when needed, we also explain the “whys and wherefores” to clients -- why peaked lapels are best for certain statures; why the style of shirt collar should be determined by face shape and stature; etcetera.
Our primary objective is to make sure clients are confident, knowing they are wearing clothing that is best suited for them, not someone they have seen on television or in a magazine.

Don’t just dress; dress well.